Tips for Open Water Swimming

Pool closures due to COVID-19 restrictions & social distancing doesn’t have to become a barrier to continue swimming.

Open water swimming, especially in the ocean, is one of the most rewarding pastimes right now. Whether you are a triathlete or not, Open water swimming will keep you in the water. The important thing is to do it safely, so don't miss out on these tips for swimming in open water. It will help maintain fitness and allowing you to enjoy the environment. Take note of these tips for swimming in open water, as well as my most essential materials, which you will find at the end of the article.

Open Water Swimming


For triathletes, who are used to doing most of their training in pools, the swimming segment can cause fear and stress because they are unfamiliar with of the behaviour of the open water, which is also a changing medium. In pools there are no currents, the bottom is visible, among other things.


The first thing to do is analyse the weather conditions and the state of the water: if there are tides, if it's stirring, the existence of currents, water temperature and outdoor temperature…

Depending on the temperature of the water and the amount of time you are going to stay in it, it is advisable to consider further garments that will help keep you warmer in the water. Orca Open Water Accessories will be you friend! Neoprene Swim Caps, Hydro Booties, Swimming Gloves, Neoprene vests and Wetsuits Base Layer.


Don't forget that if you are seen, you can be helped if necessary, and in turn, you will also be seen by large boats, surfers, etc. Seeing and being seen is one of the most important considerations when it comes to swimming in open water.

Usually, you are hardly visible in the water, so it is necessary that any additional material you have with you is a striking colour, or has something that allows you to be seen.

Goggles for the open water: Unless the weather conditions are cloudy (and you need goggles with clear lenses), in open water, it is advisable to always wear goggles with a mirror effect.

And the quintessential accessory that every open water swimmer needs, the safety buoy.

Open Water Buoy

As its name suggests, this is a buoy that will provide you with security if necessary, and its colours will also make you visible from great distances.
This accessory has a watertight compartment, so you can store your most important items in it (for example, ID card, car keys or some energy gel). It inflates easily and once you're finished with it, it deflates and takes up hardly any space to be stored with the rest of your things.

To put on the buoy properly, you will need to adjust your belt to your waist. The length of the rope is long, but ideally, once you are in the water, the buoy will stay at the height of your hips-buttocks so that it doesn't interfere with the kicking of your feet.

Enjoy the open water!